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Thu, 25 Jul ’13

OTAKUSWAG: Revisiting Robotech with Barbara Goodson

Plus a Robotech: Love Live Alive Giveaway!


TOKYOPOP-TV Presents: Korean Bad Boys and a Bizenghast AMV

Wed, 3 Jul ’13
We’ve been busy here at TOKYOPOP. We had to retreat behind Wall Rose there for a bit, but its high time we strapped on our 3D Maneuver…more

The Best Worst Horse in Japan

Mon, 1 Jul ’13
Born in February 1996 in the Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido, Haru Urara may not have been destined for greatness, but this little brown…more

Week in Review: The Top Anime Romances and Attack on Titan IRL!

Thu, 27 Jun ’13
Romancing the Stix – The relaunch of TOKYOPOP-TV continues with another brand spankin’ new episode of PopStix, your one-stop shop for…more

The Best Geeky Tribute Bands

Wed, 26 Jun ’13
Powerglove – If you are a fan boy or girl of basically any great classic video game or 90’s era cartoon and happen to love epic…more

Celebrating Enter the Dragon’s 40th Birthday!

Tue, 25 Jun ’13
The 1970s were a time characterized by feathered hair, economic malaise and, of course, a nationwide obsession with kung-fu films, thanks…more

Week in Review: The Oldest Anime, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & Space Pirates

Fri, 21 Jun ’13
Space Pirates – If you happen to be at Tokyo’s Manten or Tenku Planetariums this summer, you’re in luck; One Piece’s Luffy and his…more

Summer Anime 2013: Four Series to Watch For

Thu, 20 Jun ’13
Silver Spoon – From Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist) comes an agricultural comedy about Yugo Hachiken, a spoiled cityslicker who…more

TOKYOPOP’s YouTube Channel Relaunch!

Wed, 19 Jun ’13
Before you read any further, go ahead and put on Europe’s “The Final Countdown” to get yourself in the appropriate mood because the wait is…more

Meet Japan’s Oldest Idol Group, Osaka Obachan

Tue, 18 Jun ’13
The current pop music landscape in Japan is dominated by ultra-kawaii idol groups full of young girls with matching costumes and saccharine…more

Monster Mania: 4 Kaiju You Need to Know

Tue, 4 Jun ’13
Gojira – Hail to the lizard king, baby. more