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Sat, 20 Sep ’14

Film Friday: NYCC Gets Some Charisma

As well as, Crystal continuing and World War Z survived.

Con Rollers – Those people going to New York Comic Con in October will have an extra something special to look forward to: the film Zero Charisma, being distributed by…more

Blood & Guts with Scott Ian Returns!

Fri, 4 Oct ’13
Gore Galore – Everybody’s favorite special effects makeup show hosted by a heavy metal icon, Blood & Guts with Scott Ian, is back for…more

Nerdbytes: Lost Planet 3 Steam Codes Giveaway

Thu, 3 Oct ’13
Cold Fusion – The origins of the human colonists’ battle against giant insectoid Akrids on the planet E.D.N. III is at the center of…more

Wonder Woman Wins In New Rainfall Short

Tue, 1 Oct ’13
Wonder Chosen – Rileah Vanderbilt steps into the boots of our favorite Amazon in a new Wonder Woman short from Rainfall Films. Shawn caught…more

Manic Monday: Breaking Goodbye

Mon, 30 Sep ’13
One Last Bitch for the Road – Did you catch last night’s finale of Breaking Bad? More importantly, do you feel prepared to back up your…more

Film Friday: Predator Takes to the Sky(rim)

Fri, 27 Sep ’13
Ah-Nuld Digitized – From Tyrannicon, the good people who bring us COPS: Skyrim, comes another installment of Skyrim at the Movies…more

Nerdbytes: Gordon To Rule Gotham

Thu, 26 Sep ’13
Second Bananas Shine – It appears to be the age of the civil servant in comic book TV adaptations. It was announced this week that FOX…more

NERDSWAG: Iron Man ARTFX Statues From Kotobukiya

Tue, 24 Sep ’13
Iron Clad – Even robotic-suited superheroes need help every once in a while, and that’s why Tony Stark is sure lucky that Col. James “…more

Manic Monday: Fight Back with the Dark Knight Trilogy Giveaway

Mon, 23 Sep ’13
Bat on Blu – Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy is one of the most beloved and lauded superhero sagas in all of filmdom, and…more

Film Friday: Bowling for Robots

Fri, 20 Sep ’13
Blue-Blooded Bowlers – Fresh off of their drinking-and-world-saving cinematic escapade, The World’s End, director Edgar Wright and…more

Nerdbytes: The Grand Theft Auto Life

Thu, 19 Sep ’13
Thug Extra Life – The newest YouTubers to join the Nerdist Alliance, the Screen Team, have a parody music video you’re going to want…more