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Mon, 21 Oct ’13

Chris Hardwick’s @midnight Premiering Tonight on Comedy Central

Comedians + Internet + Late Night = WIN

What are you doing tonight? Say, around 12:00am? If you’ve got cable, then you may want to check out Chris Hardwick’s new Comedy Central program, @midnight. The…more

NERDSWAG: Enter Our Spaced Out Gravity Contest!

Thu, 5 Sep ’13
Space: the final frontier. That’s all well and good when you’re exploring the far reaches of outer space from the comfort of spaceship, but…more

Nerdbytes: Gabbin’ with Gamers

Thu, 5 Sep ’13
Jump In – If you’ve been missing G4’s X Play as much as we have, you’re going to be very interested in the newest…more

Farewell, Futurama

Wed, 4 Sep ’13
Tonight is the end of an era. Again. Futurama, the much-loved animated sci-fi/comedy from Matt Groening, which has already been brought…more

Film Friday: Rev Your Engines for Getaway

Fri, 30 Aug ’13
Drive Fast – Would you get in a Mustang Shelby careening down the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, driven by Ethan Hawke with police cars…more

Nerdbytes: Buddy Up with Ron Livingston

Thu, 29 Aug ’13
Drink It Up – Ron Livingston has done everything. From masterminding the perfect white collar crime in Office Space to leading WWII troops…more

Arrested Development: Where Is the Powers TV Show?

Wed, 28 Aug ’13
When it debuted in the year 2000, Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers seemed perfectly positioned as the crossover title for the masses. The book’…more

We’re Alive, Season 4 Sates Your Zombie Podcast Appetite

Mon, 26 Aug ’13
For the season 4 premiere of We’re Alive, the podcast of survival in the zombie apocalypse, we wanted to do something special, so we turned…more

Cornetto Conclusion: The World’s End Premieres

Fri, 23 Aug ’13
“Do you want anything from the shoppe?” When this simple question was asked by Shaun (Simon Pegg) after a night of hard drinking in 2004’s…more

Nerdbytes: A Writer Out of Sight

Thu, 22 Aug ’13
Forever Cool – Author Elmore Leonard passed away this week at the age of 87. His works were adapted into some of the coolest films of…more

Fast Food-imation: A Look Inside Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Mon, 19 Aug ’13
The sequel to 2009’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (called, fittingly, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) sees Flint…more