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Mon, 21 Oct ’13

Chris Hardwick’s @midnight Premiering Tonight on Comedy Central

Comedians + Internet + Late Night = WIN

What are you doing tonight? Say, around 12:00am? If you’ve got cable, then you may want to check out Chris Hardwick’s new Comedy Central program, @midnight. The…more

Go Bad: Top 10 Heroes Turned Villains

Fri, 16 Aug ’13
In Kick-Ass 2, the once-heroic Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) becomes the leather-clad baddie Mother F$%*er. Based on this, we’ve…more

Exclusive: Curtis Peoples’ Made For Me 8-Bit Premiere

Thu, 15 Aug ’13
Pop guitarist and vocalist Curtis Peoples has teamed up with animator Joseph DiLeonardo (X-Men: First Class title sequence) for his latest…more

Kick-Ass 2’s Donald Faison is a Doctor of Many Things

Tue, 13 Aug ’13
Donald Faison has been many varieties of awesome. From a high school ladies man, to a football star, to a surgeon, to an ex and everything…more

Crabcat Industries Returns With Try This at Home Season 3

Mon, 12 Aug ’13
We all know that web series can be fun or exciting or informational (or something about cats or hamsters on Razor scooters), but thanks to…more

Saved by the Bell Goes Bad in Breaking Belding

Fri, 9 Aug ’13
It’s Fan Friday on YouTube’s Geek Week and we’ve got a Saved by the Bell/Breaking Bad mash-up for you. more

CM Punk Fights with Words

Tue, 6 Aug ’13
It doesn’t take much to write and speak properly. Really, it’s just a little bit of effort and paying attention. Certainly, if you’re going…more

Doctor Who Invades Geek Week

Mon, 5 Aug ’13
Monday is Global Geekery Day on YouTube’s Geek Week and the Nerdist Channel is celebrating with some globe-hopping galavanting of its own. more

Geek Week Kicks Off

Sun, 4 Aug ’13
YouTube’s Geek Week kicks off with a Blockbuster Sunday full amazing things from the Nerdist Channel and beyond. Here’s Ambassador Freddie…more

The Awesomes Take Flight on Hulu

Thu, 1 Aug ’13
When it comes to superhero teams, there’s only one name you need to remember. Avengers? Schmavengers. Justice League? Schmustice League. A…more

The Singularity Begins in The Final Moments of Karl Brant

Tue, 30 Jul ’13
A well-planned murder wherein everything is taken in to account is extremely difficult to solve, unless of course the victim was in the…more