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Fri, 11 Oct ’13

Booker Catch!

Plus, an apocalyptic giveaway, the Wahlberg Dead and more

BioShocking Booker – Rosencranz and Guildenstern. Tom and Jerry. Chip and Dale. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth? We never thought of the protagonists of BioShock Infiinite as…more

Nerdbytes: Hardwick Cruises

Thu, 25 Jul ’13
Stacees Jaxx – Our own Chris Hardwick moderated a myriad of panels at Comic-Con this year, but only one had a Rock of Ages-off. At the…more

Top Five Bands of Merry Adventurers

Tue, 23 Jul ’13
The A-Team – They have the smart one, the handsome one, the crazy one and the angry one – not everybody can be Batman and embody all four…more

Comic-Con 2013 – The Nerdist Wrap-Up

Mon, 22 Jul ’13
It was one hell of a week for Team Nerdist; Comic-Con International 2013 in San Diego dropped a lot of big announcements from some of the…more

Nerdist to Distribute Film Zero Charisma

Sat, 20 Jul ’13
This could not be any bigger. Announced moments ago at the Nerdist Industries panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Nerdist…more

Comic-Con Preview: The Movies!

Fri, 19 Jul ’13
This year’s Comic-Con International is in full swing and there are a ton of huge and anticipated movies having panels and sneak previews…more

Comic-Con Preview: The TV Shows!

Thu, 18 Jul ’13
Comic-Con International in San Diego has been a home for fans of great TV to see panels with the casts and crew of their favorite shows….more

Nerdist Heads to San Diego

Wed, 17 Jul ’13
If home is where the heart is then consider Comic-Con International the world’s largest cul de sac of nerdy love because our annual group…more

Nerdbytes: The Dude Hunts Ghosts

Tue, 16 Jul ’13
Undead Cowboy – He’s been a video game creator, an Iron Monger, several varieties of cowboy and The Dude, but what Jeff Bridges has…more

Our Favorite "Comic-Cons" in Pop Culture

Mon, 15 Jul ’13
Chasing Amy – Kevin Smith is a staple of Comic-Con, but he also gave us a big screen portrayal of a comic book convention in his romantic…more

Robot Rampage: Our Favorite Mechs in Popular Culture

Fri, 12 Jul ’13
Loader – Aliens – The loader in James Cameron’s equally-awesome, though tonally-disparate sequel to Alien is set up to be nothing…more