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Mon, 21 Oct ’13

Chris Hardwick’s @midnight Premiering Tonight on Comedy Central

Comedians + Internet + Late Night = WIN

What are you doing tonight? Say, around 12:00am? If you’ve got cable, then you may want to check out Chris Hardwick’s new Comedy Central program, @midnight. The…more

Siege On! Our Top Ten Favorite Siege Movies

Fri, 7 Jun ’13
Today sees the release of The Purge, in which once a year for eight hours, all crime is legal. One family holes up in their house, safe…more

Exclusive: The Animal Fighting Championships

Thu, 6 Jun ’13
The mind that brought us Chronicle and The Death and Return of Superman, Max Landis, is at it again, and this time he’s determined to…more

Nerdbytes: The Ice Kings Cometh

Tue, 4 Jun ’13
The Heisenberg Certainty Principle – If you like your television shows of the crystal blue persuasion, you’ll probably be excited to hear…more

Exclusive: Grape Soda’s Obvious Signs

Mon, 3 Jun ’13
You might have caught Lauren Gregg’s deliciously twee pop culture tributes around the internet or at a gallery; it’s even likely you’ve…more

Celebrate Vader’s Day With Nerdist and ThinkGeek

Thu, 30 May ’13
Who can forget all those great times growing up with Dad? The day he bought you a Wookiee, the time he let you take the TIE Fighter out…more

Monsters University and the Pixar Way

Thu, 30 May ’13
You don’t win seven Academy Awards for Best Animated Picture by accident. Pixar’s films have been wowing audiences for almost two decades…more

Course of the Force: Nerdist’s Hunt For the Lightsaber Begins

Wed, 29 May ’13
The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance as Nerdist’s Matt Mira begins a quest to retrieve Course of the Force’s lightsaber, the baton…more

Nerdbytes: Steel Blocks and ZOD Talks

Tue, 28 May ’13
TED Will Kneel – We all know some of the smartest people on Earth have chosen to use their gifts for darker purposes, but what if we could…more

Nerdbytes: Pop Corks and Get Furious

Fri, 24 May ’13
Speed & Anger Seis – Fast and Furious 6, the latest in the high-speed action series, hits theaters today. If flying out of…more

The Party Ends: The Hangover Part III Hits Cinemas Today

Thu, 23 May ’13
“The End”, as proclaimed by billboards and posters everywhere, is here. The third and final film in The Hangover trilogy hits…more