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Mon, 13 May ’13

Must-Read Monday: The Wild World of All-Ages Manga

Because kids should grow up reading manga too!

Pokemon Adventures  Sure, you’re familiar with Ash Ketchum and his Poke-ventures on both the TV screen and your handheld console, but did you know that Ash isn’t the only Pokemaniac in town? Dive into the long running Pokemon Adventures manga and meet Red, an entirely different trainer than Ash (note: you can tell because their names are different), as he journeys across the land to become the ultimate Pokemon Master. Pikachu, Brock, Misty, Team Rocket: the gang’s all here! Even Ash…uh, we mean Red!

One of the longest running (and most beloved) franchises in Japan is also good, clean, family fun. That is, if your family happens to have a cyborg alien cat for a pet. The title character, Doraemon, is adorable and just the tiniest bit mischievous, which is the perfect blend for any kid-friendly manga star. The manga has been adapted into countless anime/feature films/commercials starring Jean Reno, and we hope this silly blue beast will stick around Earth for a long time to come.

Gon –
 Just so you didn’t think we were biased to all things cute and cuddly, we present Gon, a manga starring a cantankerous little carnivorous dinosaur with a heart of whatever the equivalent of gold was in the Paleolithic era. Small kids complaining about reading too much? Give ’em Gon, as the series contains no dialogue. He also made an appearance in Tekken 3, which is not as family friendly…unless your father is Eddy Gordo.

Happy Happy Clover  
Shojo manga (typically meant for female readers between the ages of 7-18) is usually a pretty safe bet in terms of being appropriate for any age, but that doesn’t make them all worth reading; Happy Happy Clover, on the other hand, is. This whimsical book is about four friendly school-aged rabbits, who get into misadventures and feed their insatiable need for delicious, Vitamin A-laden carrots. The delightful tone and artwork make this book a great starting point for new manga readers and diehard rabbit lovers alike. 

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