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Mon, 17 Jun ’13

Must-Wear Monday: Anime Goes High Fashion

Turn heads for all the right reasons.

ONE PIECE/UNIQLO – It should come as no surprise that Japan’s biggest anime would have a fashion collaboration with Japan’s biggest (and hippest) retailer, Uniqlo. With well-designed t-shirts for both men and women, their One Piece collection is sure to please any aspiring pirate-king.

 The world has seen manga’s founding father, Osamu Tezuka’s work adapted into many different mediums, but few as cool as Lacoste’s Tezuka collection. Based on some of Tezuka’s biggest properties (Black Jack, Astro Boy), the Lacoste collection is truly high class anime wear that will steal the show (and possibly hearts) at the next big convention.

: Not every anime/fashion collaboration is a t-shirt, as evidenced by this awesome Space Battle Yamamto leather bomber jacket by Japanese fashion house PLOT. Limited to 5000 pieces, this very stylish, fleece-lined coat is emblazoned with the logo of the “United Nations Space Command.” In space, no one can hear onlookers scream in jealousy.

 Ash Ketchum has a little red backpack – why shouldn’t you? Designer Jason Wu is selling an elegant bag that takes its main inspiration from the key tool in any Pokemaniac’s arsenal: a Pokeball. Red and White dominate this subtle, trendy knapsack that comes complete with Wu’s typical high-end flourishes. A stylish accessory for anyone who just has to catch em’ all.