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Mon, 3 Dec ’12

Must-Wear Monday: Staying Warm with Otakuworthy Hoodies

Cool ways to beat the lack of heat!

Baby, it’s cold outside! Or maybe you live in Tampa and you have the AC cranked up too high. Either way, December is the perfect time of year to upgrade your outfit with some stylin’ hoodies, cardigans and sweaters that’ll take your wardrobe from sad to rad.

Nuzzling Neighbor – Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a big furry beastie like Totoro? While our favorite forest spirit may be trapped within confines of our television, you can have the next best thing – this custom My Neighbor Totoro hoodie from Etsy’s aprikotDIY. While the one listed is reserved, we can’t imagine that they wouldn’t want to make another one just for you. Or take a more artful route with this gorgeous option from Society6’s Victor Vercesi. Or any one of these incredible designs. Besides, what’s a neighborhood without (comfortable, fleece-lined) neighbors?

Persocardigan – It’s difficult to look as adorable as Chii did in Chobits, but then again we’re not an advanced machine A.I. who looks great in everything from an oversized Oxford shirt to a flowing white dress. Fortunately, you can add some Chobits chic to your wardrobe with this cardigan from ThatCraftyGeekGirl featuring Atashi, the so-kawaii-you-could-cry bunny from the show. It’s perfect for layering and it’ll keep you warm until you can find a Hideki of your very own!

Over the Moon – After a long day of winning love by daylight and fighting evil by moonlight, you probably just want to slip into something more comfortable and relax. Fortunately, the Internet has a wide variety of Sailor Moon hoodies expressly for that purpose, like this Justice League mash-up which features Usagi as Wonder Woman and Goku as Superman or this Tuxedo Mask take on the popular “Keep Calm and…” meme

Gotta Wear Em’ All – Show your rivals (ahem, Gary) that you want to dress the very best like no one ever dressed with this First-Gen Pokemon hoodie from Jorden Tually Art. Wear your love of those adorable little monsters on your sleeve and on your chest with this typographical tribute. Or take it down a notch and let this minimalistic Pocket Monster pixel art hoodie speak for itself. No matter what, you’ll look sharper than Scyther when we’re through with you.

Do you have a favorite geeky hoodie? Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter and show us what you’ve got!