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Thu, 1 Dec ’11

Nerds Assemble! Then, Get Smart

Imbibe incredible information at an informal socialization.

It’s always inspiring to see a group of nerds take control of a house (see Revenge of the Nerds; Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation). It’s especially galvanizing when said house is filled with libations and fascinating presentations. Cue Nerd Nite. The nerdtastic gathering is commandeering Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO on December 8th so we can all hang out, drink and learn new things. Cue We Are the Champions.

First you’ll submerge into the world of cephalopods. Most people never mind the mollusks. But many of those magnificent marine monsters maintain superhero-like powers such as corporal mimicry, deadly poison and the ability to vanish into puffs of blackness. Bamf! The second presentation is of particular interest to us: why losing should be fun. The evening ends with a look into the language of personal ads and how to attract web-mates with broader interests than making love at midnight in the dunes on the Cape. Not that those profiles should necessarily be neglected.

The lectures kick off at 8:30PM for ten bucks, but for $4 extra you can join the trivia game at 7PM. It’s a good investment because you can score premium prizes like a GeekChicDaily t-shirt. Wear one of those for the rest of the night and you might find that closing presentation completely unnecessary. Take notes just in case though.