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Thu, 29 Aug ’13

Nerdbytes: Buddy Up with Ron Livingston

Also, Disnification and the War at home.

Drink It Up – Ron Livingston has done everything. From masterminding the perfect white collar crime in Office Space to leading WWII troops in Band of Brothers to living with ghosts in The Conjuring. For his latest, Drinking Buddies, he’s taking a stab at improvised mumblecore. We talked to Mr. Livingston (we presume) about the challenges of this kind of movie, and about his need for change. No Monday-cases here.

They Do Declare – For kids, even the smallest things feel like life and death. Playing simple games can take on heightened, epic properties. This is what happens in the new film I Declare War, in which a make-believe battle between kids in the woods suddenly gets real when a girl gets involved (naturally). Read our interview with the film’s directors, Robert Wilson and Jason Lapeyre, and see how such a little thing could get so out of hand.

Happiest Con on Earth – The word “Disney” almost always makes things better; it can even make waiting in line for Star Tours manageable. At this year’s D23 Expo (Disney’s answer to Comic-Con), the stars put on their metaphorical mouse ears. Folks like Kristen Bell, Christina Hendricks, Anthony Mackie and others relived their earliest Disney memories, and talked big upcoming movies like Thor: The Dark World and Tomorrowland. My, oh my, what a wonderful day!

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