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Thu, 8 Aug ’13

Nerdbytes: Return to the Skyrim Beat

Plus, a thunder god, a game Ender and the belle of the Lake

Game Day Comedy – It’s Thursday on YouTube’s Geek Week meaning it’s Gaming Day. Time to celebrating your love of digitally-created characters by watching videos about them! The Nerdist Channel will not leave you hanging in this department, giving you a brand new episode of Game Off about the secret lives of Goombas and the first two brand new episodes of COPS: Skyrim Season 3. Make with the yucks before you get a 1-Up.

World Building – Children’s Hospital star Lake Bell thinks women should get to voice movie trailers. Why shouldn’t they? It’s a glass ceiling that needs to be broken. She tackles this issue, and makes a really funny film in the process, in her debut film as writer-director, In a World… Read our interview with Bell, in which she talks about being a first-time filmmaker and about the way women speak, over on Nerdist.com. It’s what Don LaFontaine would want.

Epic Trailer Time – Speaking of trailers, both Thor: The Dark World and Ender’s Game have brand new spots that are tickling our eyes and brains as we speak. The Asgardian Hammer-Wielder has to contend with his ne’er-do-well brother and a whole army of horrible things before he can even think about washing his beard. The young genius has to devise an end to aliens and a remedy for gruff Harrison Fordiness. We sure hope these two fellas succeed, but we’ve read the books so we know already.

As always, for more Geek Weekery, keep your cross-hairs locked on Nerdist.com.