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Tue, 16 Jul ’13

Nerdbytes: The Dude Hunts Ghosts

Plus, win 42 on Blu-ray and see the future of the Stone Age

Undead Cowboy – He’s been a video game creator, an Iron Monger, several varieties of cowboy and The Dude, but what Jeff Bridges has never been is a guest on the Nerdist Podcast. UNTIL NOW! The actor shares stories about his new film R.I.P.D. and bowling. For more R.I.P.D. be sure to check out “On the Set: Frozen World” to find out how they made Ryan Reynolds’ final moment last so long on the Nerdist Channel. We encourage you to abide.

The Answer is 42 – Actor John C. McGinley wowed us for nine seasons as the perpetually angry yet nurturing Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs. He continues to knock it out of the park as real-life Brooklyn Dodgers broadcaster Red Barber in the film 42, out now on Blu-ray and DVD. For our exclusive interview with McGinley, head over to Nerdist.com, and if you’d like to win a copy of 42, enter our contest here. Batter up!

Queens of the Flash Age – Most people don’t buy CDs anymore and no band is more aware of this than Queens of the Stone Age who recently released this video with Do Stuff Corporation’s Ricky Chism describing how QOTSA’s new album Like Clockwork is being released on an 8GB flash drive with pictures and lyrics. It’s also a bottle opener. Pretty cool, right? (Chism looks very familiar… maybe someone from Portland.)

And be sure to catch up on what’s been happening at this year’s Course of the Force on Nerdist.com and the Nerdist Channel. The run is almost over, but the fun keeps going!