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Mon, 3 Jun ’13

Exclusive: Grape Soda’s Obvious Signs

Plus, an interview with artist Lauren Gregg

You might have caught Lauren Gregg’s deliciously twee pop culture tributes around the internet or at a gallery; it’s even likely you’ve seen her work in commercials for such corporate behemoths as Nickelodeon, Sweet N’Low, and McDonald’s. Her art has even received the Nerdist stamp of approval before – her Nerdimals were featured in 2010 – and if you read Chris Hardwick’s The Nerdist Way (of course you did) you caught her portrayal of an adorable bear demonstrating a series of fitness how-to’s.

Lauren’s world domination via adorable things just reached new heights with the drop of the new music video for Georgia art-pop duo Grape Soda, exclusively on the Nerdist Channel. Though she’s no stranger to those crazy newfangled pictures that move and have sound, this music video is unlike anything we’ve seen before. And this isn’t just any music: Grape Soda is a catchy, minimalistic synth pop band that, just like the beverage, brings good vibes and bubbly energy to your summertime.

We caught up with Lauren to chat about her work as an artist, her process working on the Grape Soda video, and the inspiration she draws from pop culture and cartoons. Make sure you check out the video exclusively on the Nerdist Channel!