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Tue, 14 Feb ’12

NERDSWAG: Avail Yourself of Our Valentine Gift Guide

Like our last-minute gift ideas? What if they were all free?

If you’re still looking for Valentine’s Day gifts now, there’s a good chance you might have already blown it as badly as Spock’s attempt to save Romulus from that supernova. Fortunately, as any Vulcan would tell you, there are always possibilities. The gifts listed below aren’t just suggestions; you can win them all in our very-cool Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Enhance your happily ever after chances by Feb. 24th, 2012 at our Facebook and Twitter.

Chew Toy – Wookiees can rip your arms off. But this cute 9″ plush Chewbacca will fill your heart up instead.

TVStar-Crossed Lovers – Ever feel like men are from Earth, but women are from Peacekeeper Command Carriers? However odd your coupling, the John Crichton-Aeryn Sun romance in the complete Farscape Blu-ray set should push your launch buttons.

Naboo Niceties – Whether you deserve to be treated like a queen or know someone who does, the new Amidala apparel – a “Queen” T-shirt and earrings – from Her Universe should defuse any trade crisis.

COMICSSigh Hard – A modern fairy tale from Persepolis creator Marjane Satrapi, The Sigh can enhance your own happy ever after.

Robe You into It – Captain Kirk never fully embraced his inner Hef with a Starfleet robe, but you know he wanted to. You and your space soulmate can break prime directives in a pair of his & hers.

Send your V’Ger probes to our V-Day giveaway now – and assimilate extra entries on our Facebook and Twitter.