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Mon, 11 Feb ’13

NERDSWAG: Give Your Special Lady the Gift of Sci-Fi

Win Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek t-shirts from Her Universe!

Even people who don’t like Valentine’s Day should agree that love is better than hate, acceptance is better than animosity and a third good word is better than a third bad word. This is why this Hearts & Flowers Day, we suggest you do what Her Universe is doing and embrace three different sci-fi fandoms all at once. They’re offering three t-shirts, each with different romantic phrases based on three of the biggest science fiction franchises: Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who. She might like one more than the others, but there’s no reason not to like them all; it’s not written in any scroll! And, thanks to our giveaway, you can spread the good word of inclusive fannishness by winning all three. Simply enter our contest, then hit up our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for extra chances to win.

Flowers and candy are so very overplayed as Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s like giving a tie on Christmas; it’s expected, and it takes almost no thought. Wouldn’t you rather give her shirts that say things like “You are the fantasy to my Holodeck,” “You are the sonic to my screwdriver” and “You are the bounty to my hunter?” Those are way better, and since you both love science fiction, it’s the best way to show you also kinda like each other. Surely you want the world to know you’re as happy as Amy & Rory, Han & Leia or Kirk and…whichever guest actress they had that week. That’s better than candy because you can’t eat t-shirts. Well, you shouldn’t eat t-shirts.

One of the worst nerd crimes is fandom-on-fandom hatred; it has to end and this is the first step. Plus, these shirts will spark romantic dinner conversations like, “The TARDIS could fit inside the Enterprise, but could the Enterprise fit inside the TARDIS?” to which you could lovingly look into your date’s eyes and respond, “Yes; you could fit the entire forest moon of Endor, Ewoks and all, inside the TARDIS.” That kind of love doesn’t explode. So give the gift of science fiction peace and harmony and enter our contest. Be sure to do so, and visit our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, before Monday, February 18th, 2013 if you want to win. Daleks, Klingons and Jabba the Hutt can’t foil your romance, but not entering on time could.