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Wed, 25 Aug ’10

Nice Axe, Ladies

Women of Pr0n play D&D.; Roll d20 to see if your head explodes with joy.

Suddenly, you are surrounded by nubile female porn stars. You have stumbled into their lair, a geek alone in unfamiliar territory. There is a table in front of you, and on it are several pairs of oddly-sided dice. “Roll,” says the punky girl all covered in tatts, “and save your breath. They’re real.” Taking a six-sided die in one and and a nine-sided die in the other, your fantasy is about to begin. No. Not that fantasy. The one where you play D&D, but with hot girls instead of that one dude who collects Garbage Pail Kids and sixties-era Disney records.

Web series I Hit It With My Axe sheds light on a fact we’ve been telling you all along: many of the sexiest sirens on your screens are really geeks in super-scanty disguise. You’d think the fantasy life of a porn actress would already be pretty…active. Turns out the more they take off, the more likely they are to dress up their imaginations in Elven Chainmail (+5 Armor Bonus To AC, +4 Max Dex Mod). Check out the web series to see these limber ladies play a real year-long D&D campaign. Or read Playing D&D With Porn Stars, a blog that scans like a bridge column but whose in-game photographs are a tit more interesting.

Thanks to the interwebs, adult film stars are no longer figures of anonymous mystery. They need to compete with an ever-widening avalanche of video content. That means more of their geeky personal lives are on display these days, right along side their pink parts. Talk about a saving throw.