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Tue, 6 Aug ’13

Otaku Outfitters: Wear Your Passions on Your Sleeve

Let your geek flag fly with these fab fashions!

Poke Polo – Want to be the very best, like no one ever was? To catch them was your real test, but you’re going to want to look the part too and since not everyone can rock the vest-and-t-shirt combo like Satoshi, we recommend the understated “Gym Veteran” polo shirt from Kyozo Kicks instead.

A Shoe-In – A long day of saving the world, piloting giant mechs and doing righteous battle with montrous Angels can be murder on your arches. Fortunately, sneaker designer Sekure D has a fashion-forward solution in these custom Evangelion Unit 01-styled Nike Air Force 1’s. You won’t need NERVs of steel to rock these bad boys.

A Gray-t Choice – We all know and love Noitamina’s many anime offerings like Eden of the East, Guilty Crown and Psycho-Pass, but did you know they sell apparel based on their titles? Brace yourself for the impending brisk fall weather with this awesome fur-lined, hooded jacket modeled after Shinya Kougami’s then get out there and start solving (fashion) crimes!

Brain Bling – So, your outfit is almost complete, but you’re missing something to make it pop. What do you do? Turn to the jewelry geniuses at Critical Hit Collectibles and snag one of their Metroid-inspired Parasite pendant necklaces. Just be careful – they’re in short supply, so a bounty hunter like Samus Aran might try to track you down and take it herself!