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Hoodie You Think You Are?

Mon, 3 Dec ’12
Welcome to December. If you aren’t having to bundle up to get through your cold days, you will soon. (Shut it, Miami! No one is talking to… more

Thanks for the Service: Our Fave Five Celebrity Veterans

Mon, 28 May ’12
On a day-to-day basis, we may make jokes about whether or not Han shot first, but there’s nothing funny about being shot at. Those who… more

Speak leet: Kevin Pereira Talks leetUp!

Tue, 21 Feb ’12
Here at Nerdist News, we’re fans of anyone pushing the envelope, whether it be in movies, music, television, podcasting, or even live… more

Ride in Style on a Sightseeing Tour of New York’s Famous Dead

Thu, 12 Jan ’12
There is a reason zombie movies are rarely set in New York. This city has so many people that surviving a Romero flick would be near… more

Lose Your Mind at a Zombie Dance Party

Wed, 11 Jan ’12
Remember the fantastic Community episode where there was a party? And Abed and Troy dressed as an Alien and Ripley in the exosuit cargo-… more

Smell Like a Dream

Mon, 9 Jan ’12
By: Charlene JimenezHave you ever read a book by Neil Gaiman and wished that it were scratch and sniff? Then you should plan on stopping by… more

City Unmasked: Rejected New Yorker Cartoons

Mon, 9 Jan ’12
Work’s Out! – Play an RPG this weekend where your character has the constitution to participate in RECESS, two full days of gaming, with no… more

The Curious Case of the Quirky Collection

Fri, 6 Jan ’12
The Los Angeles area isn’t only home to the happiest place on Earth; it’s also the location of one of the weirdest museums on the planet…. more

Edwardian Glory

Thu, 5 Jan ’12
If you’ve been looking for a reason to wear spats, your search ends here. Canes, contraptions and all manner of brass have a place, too. In… more

Join the Debate Club – This Time With Laughs

Wed, 4 Jan ’12
Sometimes the only way to settle a matter is with a good old fashioned debate. Coke vs Pepsi. Kirk vs Picard. Exercise vs video games…. more

Get a Load of This

Dogs bark a familiar tune. more