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The Best Ways to Avoid Times Square Tomorrow Night

Fri, 30 Dec ’11
Pick of the Glitter – Descend into the Velvet Goldmine of The Irondale Center for the glam Glitter Ball. Is the best part of a 1979 New… more

The End Is Nigh – 2011 In Review

Thu, 29 Dec ’11
For Film Fans – Hollywood isn’t the only place for red carpet unrollings. This year, Film Independent’s LA Film Fest impressed with… more

Your Best Odds for New Year’s Eve

Thu, 29 Dec ’11
Ride the Paris Wheel – Midnight in Paris meets Big Top Pee-Wee at the 1920s Parisian-themed circus of Floating Kabarette at Galapagos Art… more

NerdMelt Moments

Wed, 28 Dec ’11
An Evening with Grant Morrison – When you set up a theatre in the back of a comic book store, you’d better bring some seriously super… more

City Unmasked: No Sorrow Tomorrow

Tue, 27 Dec ’11
Regrets, I’ve Shred a Few – Tomorrow is Good Riddance Day, which means from noon to 1PM, a shredding truck will be parked in Times Square… more

Experience a Nightmare on Santa Claus Lane

Wed, 21 Dec ’11
For such a joyous holiday, there certainly is a lot of spine-tingling Christmas stuff out there. Horror movies like Silent Night, Deadly… more

City Unmasked: Comic Swaps and Gastronomic Pops

Mon, 19 Dec ’11
Out Inn – The Stonewall Inn bolsters more gay pride than a merry group of Thundercats. It was the site of the Stonewall riots (mentioned in… more

Geek This Week: Laughter from the Asylum

Fri, 16 Dec ’11
Funny Farm – New York City’s own special brand of crazy is set to infiltrate Los Angeles thanks to the escaped mental patients (some call… more

The Great American Robot Novel

Thu, 15 Dec ’11
Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine are just plain sick and tired of organic beings and the baggage that comes with having a brain. They’ve seen… more

City Unmasked: Do the Monster Mashup

Mon, 12 Dec ’11
Monsters, Inked – Acclaimed authors demon-strate their love of furry, scaly or slimy mythical beasts at a monster-themed reading series…. more

Get a Load of This

Dogs bark a familiar tune. more