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BOO! Err- Yay! It’s Halloween!

Mon, 31 Oct ’11
If your costume (and liver) survived the weekend, you’ll want to hit the streets one more time to see how LA does Halloween. But if you’re… more

City Masked: Hidden Halloween Hangouts

Mon, 31 Oct ’11
It’s going to be 50 degrees out tonight, so unless you’re dressing as a witch’s teat and you’re into method acting, you might want to avoid… more

GCDeal: Save 26% on a Personalized Reading from a Renowned Psychic

Fri, 28 Oct ’11
La Día de los Muertos is upon us. What if there really is something strange in your neighborhood? Who are you going to call? The… more

This… Is… Spartan Race!

Thu, 27 Oct ’11
You’ve already got the Batman costume stitched up and prepped for Halloween. Now all you need is a little bit of Bruce Wayne’s training,… more

Party Like it’s 1865 at this Old Timey Burial

Wed, 26 Oct ’11
Nothing in life is certain but death and fundamental physical constants. Television gives the impression that Michael C. Hall is involved… more

City Unmasked: Love the Craft of Lovecraft Burlesque

Mon, 24 Oct ’11
Brooklyn Superhero Surprise – Black chest insignias are so last year. See the latest in superhero style as designers show their crime-… more

Geek This Week: Costumed Unicorns

Fri, 21 Oct ’11
Pod-Cost – It’s time to test drive that new Halloween costume hanging in your closet. more

WIN! A Pair of Tickets to See Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz and Others at UCBeast!

Fri, 21 Oct ’11
With all the Wall Street protesting going down, people seem to forget about a non-government-tied organization who use unlimited resources… more

Enter PHANTASMAGORIA, the Gothic Carnival of Your Nightmares

Thu, 20 Oct ’11
Tim Burton hasn’t made a good movie in ages, Parker Brothers’ Oujia boards are just pieces of cardboard and Ray’s Occult Books doesn’t… more

GCDeal: Get 50% off Weekend Passes to Quidditch World Cup. Snag that Snitch!

Tue, 18 Oct ’11
The world of Harry Potter is filled with so many unforgettable moments it’s enough to make your wand spin. There are huge battles,… more

Get a Load of This

Dogs bark a familiar tune. more