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Plant Trojans at a Video Hackathon

Wed, 7 Sep ’11
The humble hacker. Vilified in the news and embarrassingly misappropriated in pop culture. In real life, however, hackers do a lot of cool… more

A One-Wheeled Wonderland

Tue, 30 Aug ’11
The underrated unicycle is the decrepit cyclops of the bipedal world. Lance Armstrong wouldn’t be caught dead near one, E.T. never flew one… more

The Arts Get Infected

Mon, 29 Aug ’11
The votes have been tallied and the winners are set to be announced for G4’s second ever Attack of the Art Show, opening tonight at… more

Geek This Week – Trick, Please

Fri, 26 Aug ’11
#1. Road Warrior – There are two great reasons to spend An Evening with Brendon Walsh at Nerdist Theatre. For starters, this comedian’… more

Shake What Your Digital Mama Gave You

Fri, 26 Aug ’11
Electronic music is a genre as wide open as the Great Pit of Carkoon. Compositions run the gamut from theremin-based ditties, noise music… more

Ready Player One

Tue, 23 Aug ’11
Ernest Cline wrote the 2008 movie Fanboys, which delivered unto dudes Kristen Bell in a Slave Leia bikini. For the gals: Jay Baruchel (… more

City Unmasked: Dorky Dive Drink Deals

Mon, 22 Aug ’11
Thor’s Hammered – Bushwick’s Gotham City Lounge is a place to drink that’s plastered with floor to ceiling comic book memorabilia. How is… more

WIN A Kidrobot Book and Art Toy as Paul Budnitz Gears Up New Bikes

Mon, 22 Aug ’11
Pause your Pee-wee’s Big Adventure DVD and tell Mr. Breakfast to shut his bacon-strip gob. Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz is bringing his… more

Geek This Week – Before They Were Games

Fri, 19 Aug ’11
#1. Dark Arts – A great video game starts as killer concept art, yet it’s all top-secret. Cameron Davis (Guitar Hero) and Aaron Limonick (… more

Get a Load of This

Dogs bark a familiar tune. more