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Laugh It Up, Fuzzball

Fri, 19 Aug ’11
Since xkcd only updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we usually resign ourselves to a Thursday wit pit. Thankfully, Drom Lounge is ready… more

Calling All Cthulhus! Learn About Dark Magic of the 1800s

Tue, 16 Aug ’11
As long as humanity has existed, there have been Muggles who studied the dark arts. Call it voodoo, sorcery or simply magic, it has long… more

City Unmasked: Space Champ

Mon, 15 Aug ’11
#1. 2011: A Space Odyssey – Show of hands, er “Likes”: who was envious of Joaquin “Leaf” Phoenix in SpaceCamp? The few viewers of I’m Still… more

Geek This Week – Scared of Heights

Fri, 12 Aug ’11
#1. Mintz, Please – Still not sure what to think about the remake of 80’s vampire classic Fright Night? Get a sneak peek a week before… more

Walk This Way

Wed, 10 Aug ’11
Don’t tell Optimus Prime, but Rethink LA and the Architecture + Design Museum would like to see our city free of gas-guzzling motor… more

Heroic Girls for a Dressed-Up World

Mon, 8 Aug ’11
When it comes to dressing up like a superhero, most of us have three good excuses. There’s Halloween, Comic-Con and the Justice League-… more

City Unmasked: Legit Laser Lessons

Mon, 8 Aug ’11
Board Meeting – The Mercer St. location of Think Coffee hosts NerdNYC board game night. You can bring a game or get in on one. Aside from… more

Geek This Week – The Science of Shorts

Fri, 5 Aug ’11
#1. It’s Alive – Serious about short films? Spend a long day with the Sundance Institute’s Comedy ShortsLab program at the Silent… more

Let’s Get Subversive

Thu, 4 Aug ’11
If you’ve left your house in the past year, you’ve seen Septerhed’s geometric graphics posted on electrical boxes and boarded up buildings… more

Ready Are You? Answer to the Nerdiest of Trivia Nights

Thu, 4 Aug ’11
There is no shortage of trivia nights in the city. But who wants to waste time losing just because the moderator insists on asking… more

Get a Load of This

Dogs bark a familiar tune. more