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NYCC – A GeekChic Sneak Peek

Fri, 14 Oct ’11
It’s a Trap! – It’s never too soon to prepare for a Babylonian god’s arrival. This replica Ghostbusters ghost trap will be available on… more

Geek This Week: When Dino-Chickens Attack!

Fri, 30 Sep ’11
Jurassic Pluck – Paleontologist and Terra Nova consultant Jack Horner plans to de-evolve a chicken into a dinosaur by genetic manipulation. more

Geek This Week: Stuck In The 80s!

Thu, 15 Sep ’11
There Can NEVER Be Only One – The same week that a director is announced to remake Highlander (28 Weeks Later’s Juan Carlos Fresnadillo),… more

Geek This Week – Causeplayers

Thu, 8 Sep ’11
Calendar Girls – You’re going to need a calendar for 2012, so choose one that donates proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross’ earthquake relief… more

Geek This Week – Champion! In Your Corner

Thu, 1 Sep ’11
by Christopher Fealy#1. No Time For Losers – Pop-culture addicts tend to fight over things they are passionate about. Sometimes you need an… more

Geek This Week – Dark Stars

Thu, 25 Aug ’11
#1. Turn on the Dark – The universe’s low fuel light is on. Fewer stars are being formed to replace older dying stars, making the universe… more

Geek This Week – Law & Order: Special Bungie Unit

Thu, 18 Aug ’11
#1. Bungie Bust – Jeff Fletcher was pulling up to an ATM when a gun was fired in a nearby parking lot. The Bungie IT guy pulled his legally… more

Geek This Week: Get Sacked Out!

Thu, 11 Aug ’11
#1. Our Bags, Baby – The loot bag has left an indelible mark on our culture. more

Geek This Week – Eye of the Daniel Tiger

Tue, 2 Aug ’11
#1. Rogers, Revisited –  PBS recently announced that Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is getting a spin-off. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?… more

We’re On a Road to Nowhere, Come On Inside

Thu, 14 Jul ’11
Before midnight July 15 through pre-dawn on July 17, ten miles of the 405 freeway will be shut down for some much needed, although poorly… more

Get a Load of This

This prototype time-piece from UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau traps insects on… more