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Fri, 12 Jul ’13

Mech Mayhem: Our Favorite Mechs in Pop Culture

Robots you can ride in. Give us one now!

Evangelion Unit 03- Sangouki (Evangelion): If you’re judging a mecha by the standards you would a new car, Sangouki’s got it all. A midnight blue paint job. Sleek angles and corners. A pair of Tonfa weapons to battle other giant robots. There are many Eva models in Evangelion, but our favorite has to be this hyper aware and sometimes disruptive fighting unit.

Metal Gear (Metal Gear Solid): It’s pretty hard to out-cool Solid Snake, but Metal Gear, the titular Mecha from Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece franchise Metal Gear Solid, gives ole’ eye patch a run for his money. “A bipedal nuclear weapons equipped tank”; it doesn’t get much better than that. There have been many iterations of the Metal Gears throughout the series, but each one is a war-machine on two legs that we can’t help loving.

DeathScythe Hell – (Gundam): There are Gundams in every shape and size, but our favorite has got to be DeathScythe Hell, the ultimate stealthy, close combat enabled giant robot fighter. Double beam scythe? Check. Bad-ass, folding-metal bat wings? Big check. Honestly, you had us by just calling it DeathScythe Hell.

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