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Tue, 17 Apr ’12

Spring Game Preview: 5 Games to Get Kind of Super-Excited About

Just a few more reasons to trade in that copy of L.A. Noire.

By: Chloe Dykstra

The spring may feel a little slow while we (im)patiently await the arrival of Assassin’s Creed III, Borderlands II, and Bioshock: Infinite. Nevertheless, there are a few new games to keep you occupied while you’re stuck inside avoiding all this disgustingly nice spring weather.

COMICSDiablo Coding Reviewers are claiming Diablo III is as addictive as its predecessors, updating the series in an elegant way without straying too far from the original formula. Even if you didn’t play the first two, give this one a chance – you might be devilishly surprised. Or not. Whatever. (May 15)

COMICSWitch, Mountin’ When we first saw the trailer for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, we squealed in delight. However, our fervent excitement was dampened when we discovered that the game would only be available for PC, and some of us are far too cheap to buy a good PC gaming rig. But things change, and now The Witcher 2 is finally coming to Xbox 360. Happy happy joy joy! (May 17)

COMICSThe Big Hit If you preorder Sniper Elite V2, there’s an exclusive “Kill Hitler” level. That’s what it’s called. “Kill Hitler”. Buy it or you hate America. (May 1)

COMICSMine and Yours
Now, we know you’re all a little skeptical about Minecraft being ported to Xbox, but Notch hasn’t done us wrong yet. It should be interesting to see how our beloved PC game is being altered to fit into the confines of console gaming and how they manage to incorporate… the Kinect. Oh boy. (May 9)

COMICSTo the Max Max Payne 3 was written by the same guy who wrote most of the Grand Theft Auto series, as well as Red Dead Redemption. Plus the graphics are drop dead gorgeous. When you pick this game up, you should probably also pick up some adult Pampers because there may be some pants-wetting. (May 15)