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Tue, 29 Mar ’11

Chomp Champ: Pac-Man Battle Royale

Time to ask your boss if you can get your paycheck in quarters

Whenever most people think of ghosts, they think of movies featuring guys named Egon. Whenever you think of ghosts, you think of putting them in your mouth. This is because you love Pac-Man…or possibly Boo Berry Cereal.

If it’s because you love Pac-Man, we have some great news: Namco has created a new Pac-Man game! Behold the glories of Pac-Man Battle Royale, a multiplayer gobblefest available only in arcade form. Boasting what will soon be the most coveted four seats at your local sports bar, the Battle Royale cocktail cabinet allows you not only to wolf down ghosts…but also other players. To facilitate this Pac-Man on Pac-Man violence, eating a power pellet now doubles your size and increases your speed, making you capable of hunting down and devouring the poor noob sitting across from you.

A short demo of the game has been released as an iPhone app, but anyone looking to get their gobble on for real should check out the game’s Facebook page, which tracks where Battle Royale can be found as it rolls out across the country. Or, if you have a spare couple grand, you can buy a cabinet for yourself. After all, you’ve long said you needed a new kitchen table…