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Mon, 17 Jun ’13

Pacific Rim Action Figures Bring the Battle Home

Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon and Knifehead, oh my!

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is everything we could want from a movie: enormous robots fighting behemoth monsters. Jaegers and Kaiju don’t just look good on screen, they’ll look great on your shelf or, dare we say, desk? NECA has unveiled the first line of 7″ Pacific Rim figures to spice up your office or play time. Just make sure the boss isn’t watching when you “cancel the apocalypse.” 

The first set features three figures: Jaegers Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon and horrific Kaiju Knifehead. You can get a look at the figures on Nerdist.com. Meticulously faithful to their film counterparts, these toys have been created directly from the digital files used by ILM during the making of the movie. They’re about as close as you can get to having a real Jaeger short of building a fullsize one yourself, but then you have to worry about finding parking.

If these figures seem like something you’d like to have at your fingertips, then they’re available now for purchase, or, by entering our exclusive contest, you could win yourself a complete set of Pacific Rim Series 1 figures from NECA to demolish your LEGO cities as you see fit. All you have to do is enter here, then head to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for more chances to win. Be sure to “Like” Legendary on Facebook and follow @Legendary on Twitter to keep up with the latest on Pacific Rim, coming to theaters July 12th.