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Thu, 30 May ’13

Celebrate Vader’s Day With Nerdist and ThinkGeek

Take care of the Darth in your life with a massive ThinkGeek prize package.

Who can forget all those great times growing up with Dad? The day he bought you a Wookiee, the time he let you take the TIE Fighter out alone for the first time and, of course, when he sat you down to give you “the talk” about the Bith and the Bothans. It’s sometimes hard to show your father how much you care, but luckily it’s very nearly the holiday celebrating him: Vader’s Day. Give him a big force-hug from us.

Nerdist News and ThinkGeek want to help you show the Darth in your life how much he means to you by offering a Death Star-sized prize package full of things any Sith Lord or Jedi Master would appreciate. Among the items in the package are: a Nerdist t-shirt signed by our own Chris Hardwick, a lightsaber, a Tauntaun sleeping bag, a Han Solo business card holder, a Death Star tea infuser, a bag of Dark Side Roast coffee, a Star Wars glass set and more! He’ll love all of that a lot more than chopping off your hand. 

All you have to do to get a chance to win all these great prizes for your own Vader (or Uncle Owen), is to enter at our contest page by midnight on June 6th. Then, if you’d like some force-aid, visit our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages so you can get extra chances. You can also get $20 off any order over $75, whether you win or not, if you use the offer code VADERDAY by 11:59pm ET June 3rd, 2013. And once you’ve done that, maybe sign Dad up to run in this year’s Course of the Force. Make him feel like he’s on the light side again.