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Fri, 1 Oct ’10

Art For All – Win "I Am Plastic Too!"

Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz’s excellent art book could be yours.

Say you’re married, with rug-rats putting marker to furniture, plumber’s bills, and gutters that need to be de-leafed. Y’know. Grown-up. Mature.


We’re willing to bet somewhere, in a very special and secluded corner of your attic, is a box of toys lovingly stored so that your little nose-miners can’t break’em.  And if you’re not under toddler-seige, well, your toys are probably on proud display for any potential suitors or suitor-ettes to see. “Fair warning,” they say, “I’m not gonna grow up, ever. So deal.”

Unlike previous generations who let go of their childish things (FOOLS!) we see the value of keeping our kid-stuff around. Whether its nostalgia, eternal reverence for playtime, or just plain old giving the middle-finger to mid-life, our toys are here to stay. These precious things become cherished heirlooms, and in some (admittedly rare) cases, they even become sought-after collectibles. It is that love of toy culture that created the art toy movement.

As one of its earliest adopters, Paul Budnitz has also been one of the chroniclers of the world of art toys. A few years back, he released I Am Plastic: The Designer Toy Explosion. Now he’s releasing I Am Plastic Too: The Next Generation Of Designer Toys, which further follows this ever-burgeoning art wave. And you can win a copy of the new book. Simply head over to our Facebook page and comment to enter.

But before you do that, check out this fascinating conversation with Paul Budnitz, art toy impressario, and founder of Kidrobot!