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Mon, 11 Apr ’11

There’s a Nap for That

Form defeats function with this signal-canceling handkerchief.

The modern cell-phone is an incredible device.  It reaches out to the web, communicates with GPS satellites and hurls cartoon birds in glorious destructive arcs at their pig enemies.  It also rings, and not always when you want it to…like your super-secret post-lunch under-desk nap, for instance.

Enter the Phonekerchief. It’s a hanky specifically designed to wrap around your phone and block its signal. Crafted from a high-tech silver-fiber fabric, the Phonekerchief acts as a “Faraday Cage”, knocking out what service might still be trying to reach you at that candle-lit dinner you should probably be focusing on. Sure, you could just turn your phone off on your way into the restaurant, but why be practical when you can be scientific?  The physicist who discovered the electrical principles that make a Faraday Cage possible didn’t get a Lost character named after him for turning things off.

And just in case your dinner date doesn’t notice the tech-sacrifice you’ve made in the name of giving them your full and undivided attention, one corner of the Phonekerchief is printed with the words “My Phone Is Off For You.”

This is perhaps the most rare and amazing effect of the Phonekerchief; how many nerdy scientific instruments do you know of that can actually gain you points with the opposite sex?

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