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Mon, 13 May ’13

Pitch This: Disney Afternoon Assemble!

Let’s get dangerous!

With the success of Marvel’s Phase One films and the impending return of Ducktales to our video game consoles, we figured it was time for Disney to give the multi-movie arc treatment to another beloved group of childhood heroes: the characters of The Disney Afternoon!

Gummi-Glen: Dashing and daring, courageous and caring: legend tells of an ancient tribe of warriors, once known for their mastery of woodland secrets, in particular, the famed “Gummiberry Juice”, but no one has seen a gummiberry for many an age. The film opens with Xanatos Enterprises trucks arriving in the old forest and it’s clear that they’re searching for something. Will they harness the overwhelming power of the gummiberry? In a hollowed out tree known as Gummi-Glen, a group of slumbering heroes awake, ready again to protect the world. The Gummi Bears are back… and they’ve got some bouncing to do.

The Duck Knight Rises: St. Canard
has never been a “safe” place to live, but over the past decade or so it’s been made a lot more habitable through the work of the mysterious caped crusader, Darkwing Duck. The arrival of the shadowy Xanatos Enterprises and their purchase of the tallest skyscraper in town has piqued the interest of this now retired vigilante. But when Gosalyn goes missing after Darkwing poked his beak into the deal, he (and his trusty sidekick Launchpad McQuack) must once again don his costume and show the world that it’s time to get dangerous. Bad guys… you’re out of luck.

Captain Baloo:
The year: 1932. The place: Cape Suzette. Baloo (with the help of his ward Kit) runs a successful cargo business, flying precious deliveries all over the rugged hillside landscape of Usland… and life is good: great friends, steady work and a never-ending supply of tropical drinks. Business is great, but when Shere Khan arrives at the “Higher for Hire” doorstep with an offer Baloo can’t refuse, he and his crew take off on a daring delivery mission (of which the cargo in question happens to be a bushel of strange glowing berries). What seemed routine quickly turns into the adventure of a lifetime, culminating on the icy cliffs of Northern Usland. And while we don’t want to spoil anything, let’s just say this particular afternoon ends with a bear stuck in a block of ice. Ooh, wee, ooh.

Afternoons Assemble:
The Gummi Bears, Darkwing Duck, a freshly revived Baloo and a beat cop named Bonkers take it to Xanatos. But, will our heroes be able to win against the strange Gargoyle like creatures defending his castle? It’s epic, it’s huge and it’ll most likely be the best movie ever made… until Disney Afternoon Phase 2, that is. Depending on how this goes, someone might need a Rescue

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