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Mon, 27 Dec ’10

Power Rings

DC-inspired jewelry makes any woman look super

Didn’t get your girlfriend the jewelry she wanted for the holidays? Good news. We’ve got a chance for you to redeem yourself and serve your own selfish desires, all at the same time!

nOir Jewelry’s geek-friendly line of rings, necklaces and bracelets is inspired by the funny books’ fiercest females. Some pieces are straight interpretations, like the Supergirl and Wonder Woman rings.

We’re partial to the items that are a little more abstract. But be aware; sometimes beauty and danger are the same thing. Giving your lady the bejeweled Catwoman claw? You might not want to give it as a make-up gift unless you’re sure the fight has been resolved. If your geek-girl’s okay with going a little over the top, she might dig the Gotham City ring, which evokes both an air of high fashion and the ability to poke the eye out of a mugger’s head.

Admittedly, it’s not exactly like taking your lady to the mall to pick out some heavy ice. It’s more like taking her to Hal Jordan’s hq to choose a power ring. But you never know. If she likes superhero bling, you just might be able to convince her she’d like a superhero costume of her own, too. Which means you could end up with your very own cosplay Star Sapphire in the near future. Think, dude. Isn’t she worth it?