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Wed, 30 Sep ’09

Prime Metroid

Who shoved the Christmas tree lights into Samus Aran?

This is a figurine of Metroid hero Samus Aran, so let’s just get your first question out of the way immediately: No you can’t take her armor off.

Samus no doubt first caught your attention with the initial Metroid for the NES, when she removed her helmet at game’s end to reveal the warrior you’d just spent hours manipulating was actually a chick. We well remember the surprise: A girl can fight?!? What a mind trip.

The Metroid series has, of course, gone on to develop one of the most robust mythologies in gaming. This LED bedecked statue shows Samus in the Phazon Suit from the GameCube entry Metroid Prime. If you recall, Samus gets the suit after being bathed in Phazons upon the defeat of the Omega Pirate. And we obviously don’t have to remind you that she loses it at game’s end immediately after defeating Metroid Prime, when the Phazons are sucked up to create Dark Samus! A crazy twist, we know, we know. Which is all to say, this figurine is wearing a special suit. Plus, it lights up real pretty.

First 4 Figures is churning out only 1,500 of these Samus’s priced at $224.99. Mother Brain says you should buy one.