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Sat, 13 Jul ’13

Qualcomm Delivers the Course of the Force in an App

The Force is strong with this one.

Are you interested in following this year’s Course of the Force, the charity run from Skywalker Ranch in Northern California all the way down to San Diego in the week leading up to Comic-Con, but aren’t going to be able to make it? Do you want to keep up with all of the Force-filled awesomeness working it’s way down the west coast? Well, you’re in luck: Course of the Force has teamed with Qualcomm to bring you a free app that will allow you to be kept up to date on all the Jedi athleticism through July 16th.

What exactly does this app do, you ask? It tracks the real-time location of the lightsaber, the baton passed from runner to runner, Wookiee to Sullustan, all the way until the finish. Using Qualcomm’s Gimbal technology, which allows for “contextual awareness,” and “proximal communication,” which is just a fancy way of saying you’ll be looped into the event in real time and able to follow the path of the lightsaber and see which celebrities are running and where. It’s got maps, it’s got trivia games, it’s got videos and photos – it’s even got a bit of the ol’ Force itself in the form of augmented reality. Advanced image recognition on the app, powered by Qualcomm’s Vuforia technology, allows you to scan special images along the way for exclusive digital content. If you still want to know more, Matt Mira can walk you through using the app. He’s a “former” genius with apps. 

So, put away that force lightning; all the power you need for up-to-the-minute Course of the Force action is already at your fingertips. Simply download the app from the Google Play store or, coming soon, for iOS, then feel like a part of the Jedi council from now ’til Comic-Con.