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Tue, 24 Sep ’13

Royal Flush: The Wild World of Japanese Toilets

Kneel before the porcelain thrones of the future!

Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be: Firstly, the rumors you’ve heard are correct: Japanese toilets are amazing technological works of wonder. However, not all toilets in Japan are friendly futuristic robots. In fact, quite a large percentage of the nation still uses traditional “squat” toilets. Imagine, if you will, a porcelain bowl sitting on the ground; therein lies the whole “squat” aspect.

Your New Best Friend: You’re not here to read about boring old squat toilets though; you want the good stuff! The most common feature in those wonderful, mysterious Western-style Japanese commodes you’ve heard about is their integrated bidet feature. Most models come with adjustable jets, and some even come equipped with two different “spray nozzles”, making sure no part of your body remains unclean.

For Those Cold Nights: Another common feature in Japanese toilets is their sheer volume of customization options. You can adjust the temperature and intensity of the water (and the seat itself, as nearly all Japanese bowls are heated), set a “vibration” level for the bidet streams, and even access a blowdryer to get you fresh and ready to hit the world.

The Luxury Package: Some of the higher end toilets come with even more fantastical features built in. How about a toilet that sings to you? Check. A lid that closes by itself like some kind of Auto-Bot? Yep. Developers are even working on ways to connect toilets to the internet, making sure you can remain smart, even when you’re…occupied.