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Wed, 1 Feb ’12

Comic Book Day: Falling into Gutters

Ryan Sohmer’s comic about comics makes merry mockery.

Three times a week, Ryan Sohmer and a rotating crew of artists skewer comics and their industry in the web comic Gutters. From Wonder Woman’s costume to Jim Lee’s managerial style, Ryan’s never at a loss for material, as he told us in a recent interview.

GeekChicDaily: What gave you the idea for Gutters?

Ryan Sohmer: I started getting back into comic books about 5 years ago, and…began seeing all the fun that could be had with characters, creators and the worlds in which they both inhabit, if someone had a bit of parody license and a decent sense of humor. Originally, Gutters was intended to be a single panel gag strip, done by a single artist. Obviously, plans changed.

GCD: Are there any memes in the comic world that you’d consider “too easy” for parody, e.g. jokes about Rob Liefeld not wanting to draw feet?

RS: All the time, and I do try to avoid them when I can. Still, every now and then I’ll take the bait. And in Liefeld’s defense, who needs feet? No one. That’s who.

GCD: What’s the goofiest gimmick you’ve ever seen a company try in order to sell comics? Anything that comes close to being beyond parody?

RS: The poly-bagging practice gets me every time I see it done. What’s the point of that, tell me, when you’re going to spoil it in USA Today the day before release anyways?

We haven’t spoiled our full interview with Ryan Sohmer – go check it out now!