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Fri, 9 Aug ’13

Saved by the Bell Goes Bad in Breaking Belding

He’s so excited… he’s so scared.

It’s Fan Friday on YouTube’s Geek Week and we’ve got a Saved by the Bell/Breaking Bad mash-up for you.

For anyone who grew up in the 1990s, the show everybody had to watch on Saturday mornings (or in the afternoons in syndication) was Saved by the Bell. It was like the high school precursor to Friends only instead of a coffee shop, it was high school, and instead of Gunther, it was that tall, follicly-waning principal, Mr. Belding. Surely, if you remember this show, you’ve thought about what Mr. Belding would do in a Walter White-type situation, right?

This is where Breaking Belding picks up, with Mr. Belding and perpetual loser Zack Morris (he fell on hard times) spend their days making the purest caffeine pills in the world to pay for his treatment for rapid balding. Unfortunately, he’s got DEA agent Max (from the restaurant) and ruthless drug cartel kingpin Lisa Turtle to contend with. What’s an educator to do? Do what the ads say: “Better Reach Screech.” Yes, what Belding would be nowhere without his trusty lawyer (guest star Dustin Diamond).

Breaking Belding is packed with references to both television shows and a tone you probably never thought you’d see on Saved by the Bell. Do you even want to know what became of AC Slater and Kelly Kapowski? Get ready to be harrowed, friends; you’ll be so excited…and so scared. For more great Geek Week content, be sure to set your old-timey dials to the Nerdist Channel.