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Sat, 4 Oct ’14

Sayonara For Now: An Important Update About the Newsletter

We want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

All good things must come to an end: the Roman Empire, Breaking Bad, Cowboy Bebop to name a few. Fortunately, The TOKYOPOP newsletter is a great thing, not a good thing, so we’re not coming to an end. Rather, we’re going to be going on hiatus for a bit to restructure the newsletter and make it better than ever. Don’t think of this as goodbye. Think of it as us Goku going into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to make ourselves, stronger, faster and with even blonder hair than before! Well, maybe we won’t change our hairstyle, but you get the picture.

Just because we won’t be showing up in your inbox everyday doesn’t mean we won’t be just a click away! Want to buy some of your favorite manga titles? Head on over to TOKYOPOP.com and browse our back catalog and find the latest updates on your favorite titles like Hetalia, Bizenghast and more! Want to see your favorite manga brought to life? Join the fun on TOKYOPOP-TV, our totally revamped YouTube Channel, where you can watch brand new content like Riding Shotgun motion comics, Asian Quick Bites, the top 10 countdowns of PopStix and browse our vast back catalog too!

So, you see, saying goodbye isn’t sweet sorrow when you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We’re just a hop, click and a hyperlink away from delivering the latest and greatest in Asian Pop Culture. And you can stay connected with us up to the minute by joining the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So, go out there, have a great weekend and stop by and see us sometime! Mata ne!