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Sci Fi

NERDSWAG: Enter Our Spaced Out Gravity Contest!

Thu, 5 Sep ’13
Space: the final frontier. That’s all well and good when you’re exploring the far reaches of outer space from the comfort of spaceship, but… more

The Singularity Begins in The Final Moments of Karl Brant

Tue, 30 Jul ’13
A well-planned murder wherein everything is taken in to account is extremely difficult to solve, unless of course the victim was in the… more

Nerdbytes: Looking Forward to The World’s End

Thu, 9 May ’13
Aliens and Alcohol in The World’s End Trailer – Drink up the first trailer for the long-awaited third entry in writer-director Edgar… more

Oblivi-OFF? Nope, It’s Oblivion

Fri, 19 Apr ’13
Depictions of post-apocalyptic Earth rarely look as welcoming as they do in director Joseph Kosinski’s new film, Oblivion, which hits… more

The End Never Looked So Good: The Top 5 Post-Apocalyptic Movies

Fri, 21 Dec ’12
According to some, the world has a good chance of ending on December 21st. Citing the Mayan calendar’s end-date, there’s a fair amount of… more

An Unexpected Trek Into Darkness

Thu, 13 Dec ’12
Lately, the Internet has been plagued by two burning questions: how did that fashionable monkey get into an IKEA, and who the hell is… more

Dolph Lundgren: Old Universal Soldiers Never Die

Fri, 30 Nov ’12
He was He-Man and the Punisher back in the ’80s after beating Apollo Creed to death, but today sees Dolph Lundgren returning to what has… more

Geek this Week: Revelations on the Pacific Rim

Thu, 29 Nov ’12
Rim Hint In – We hadn’t heard much of a peep about Pacific Rim since San Diego Comic-Con International, where the brief glimpse of giant… more

NERDSWAG: John Carpenter Talks They Live On Blu-ray

Tue, 6 Nov ’12
As you cast your ballot today, if you do, bask in the glory of all our freedoms, and rejoice in the fact that you will be selecting the… more

Geek this Week: Score Some Clone Wars

Tue, 23 Oct ’12
Revenge of the (Other) Sith – Darth Maul’s back, and he’s looking to take revenge on Obi-Wan if given half a chance. more