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Sci Fi

NERDSWAG: Prometheus Bursts Onto Your Blu-ray Shelves

Mon, 8 Oct ’12
One of the most highly-anticipated sci-fi flicks of the summer comes to DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow. They were all pretty highly… more

Doctor Who-eekend: Three Days of Temporal Terrificness

Thu, 30 Aug ’12
Prepare, ye Whovians, for a weekend of wonderment. To coincide with the long-awaited return of Doctor Who to BBC America, the Nerdist… more

Geek this Week: Sunshine State Stormtroopers

Thu, 23 Aug ’12
Forceful Florida – The sunny southern state is known for its oranges, but the orange you’ll see coming out of there this weekend will be… more

Super Troopers – The 501st Legion Celebrates Star Wars

Mon, 20 Aug ’12
In Revenge of the Sith, the 501st were the division of Clone Troopers that did the unthinkable, killing younglings alongside the newly… more

Roddenberry’d Treasures: The New Star Trek Podcast

Fri, 10 Aug ’12
Right now at Star Trek Las Vegas, great throngs of the franchise’s fans (Trekkies? Trekkers? We refuse to take a stand on such… more

Geek this Week: Do You Recall?

Tue, 31 Jul ’12
(Philip K.) Dicking Around – It’s had feature panels at San Diego Comic-Con International two years running, and now the Total Recall… more

We’ve Got Your Ticket to Star Wars Celebration VI

Mon, 30 Jul ’12
There are many ways to win big in the Star Wars universe. You could get holo-chess training from Artoo, win a Corellian starship in a hand… more

Five Sci-Fi Sports We’d Like to See in the Olympics

Fri, 27 Jul ’12
Hardcore film fandom and sports don’t always go together, but with James Bond participating in today’s opening ceremony for the 2012 Summer… more

Out of Africa: District 9’s Sharlto Copley Talks Elysium

Thu, 26 Jul ’12
Amidst San Diego Comic-Con International’s big surprises, one of the heavy-hitters was Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium. Like his District 9, it’s… more

Elementary Reboots: The Top 5 UK Fantasy Shows That Need a Revival

Mon, 23 Jul ’12
CBS’ Elementary sounded awfully familiar to BBC viewers when it was announced – the modern-day Sherlock Holmes thing had just been done,… more