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Sci Fi

The Good Doctor

Fri, 18 Dec ’09
If you are a Doctor Who fan, you’re no doubt excited about BBC America’s upcoming airings of David Tenant’s final outings as the good… more

Amanda Tapping’s Guilty Geek Pleasures

Fri, 20 Nov ’09
You know that whackjob scientist on Fringe? He’s got nothing on Sanctuary’s Helen Magnus. We asked Amanda Tapping, the actress (and exec… more


Mon, 16 Nov ’09
Strap on your Spock ears and splash on some Red Shirt cologne: The DVD of J.J. Abrams’ masterful Star Trek reboot is out tomorrow! more

Alien Interaction: You Gotta Believe

Thu, 5 Nov ’09
By now, you’ve seen the trailer for the alien flick The Fourth Kind and know the basics: Close encounters of the first kind means sightings… more

ABC’s “V” Premiere: Better than Cousin Balki?

Tue, 3 Nov ’09
Tonight, ABC’s V finally beams down to prime time. Will it help us forget these failed experiments in alien-human relations? (Don’t let… more