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Sci Fi

Course of the Force: Saber the Moments

Fri, 6 Jul ’12
Yesterday, you saw the epic journey begin with Course of the Force’s origin story and saw our fearless would-be farmboy Chris Hardwick… more

Course of the Force Episode I: The Hardwick, Menaced

Thu, 5 Jul ’12
A young farm boy sets out across the wilderness on an epic journey, in our new exclusive video from a galaxy far, far away (on foot). Along… more

Webb of Spider-Man: The New Director Speaks

Tue, 3 Jul ’12
When the unorthodox romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer opened, few would have guessed that its first-time feature director would follow… more

Geek this Week: The Empire and the Umpire

Mon, 2 Jul ’12
Dodger Darth – It’s Star Wars Night at L.A.’s Dodger Stadium tonight, where baseball and Star Wars fans will truly saber the moment. more

Star Wars Night at Dodger Stadium… Nerdist Style!

Wed, 27 Jun ’12
The Course of the Force isn’t the only Star Wars and athletics mash-up going this July. It used to be that the only thing baseball and Star… more

NERDSWAG: Prometheus Has Landed

Fri, 8 Jun ’12
In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give to mankind. In the movie Prometheus…Ha! Just kidding – we wouldn’t spoil… more

Transformers: The Ride–3D Brings War to the West Coast!

Fri, 25 May ’12
Admit it: when you watched Transformers cartoons as a kid, you wanted a robot car too. And when you saw Shia LaBeouf actually get one in… more

NERDSWAG: The Chronicle You Didn’t See

Mon, 14 May ’12
In a summer of big heroes and bigger powers, we’re going to exercise our great responsibility to remind you that the first great superhero… more

NERDWSWAG: Carry All of Torchwood Home!

Fri, 13 Apr ’12
Captain Jack is setting a course for C2E2 this weekend, and we’re celebrating with a big Torchwood giveaway! If you just happen to be in… more