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Sci Fi

Five Ways to Psych Yourself up for Wrath of the Titans

Fri, 30 Mar ’12
While Clash of the Titans was explicitly based on the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa’s head, Wrath of the Titans had to get more creative… more

NERDSWAG: Passes to the Premiere of Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Doc!

Thu, 29 Mar ’12
San Diego Comic-Con isn’t for another few months, but you can experience it in style next week with some free passes to the April 4th… more

The Top 5 Movies That Surpass Their Source Material

Fri, 23 Mar ’12
That’s right, we said it: The Hunger Games on the big screen transcends the novel it’s based upon, giving the world a wider scope and… more

Carter Blanche: Martian Musings at the John Carter Premiere

Fri, 9 Mar ’12
The critics have had their say. Starting today, you can weigh in on our Facebook page. But at the Los Angeles premiere, we got to ask some… more

The Course of the Force… An Epic Journey to Comic-Con

Thu, 9 Feb ’12
Chris Hardwick and presidential candidate Marvin E. Quasniki want to know if the Force is strong with you, because they are enlisting Jedi… more

Star Wars 3D Geek this Week: Droid Deliverer

Wed, 8 Feb ’12
Tank a Gas – Hasbro always say they need a movie year to make the big toys. more

The Top 5 Pre-1970 Monster Movies You Might Have Missed

Tue, 24 Jan ’12
Carnival of Souls – Think of any scary movie with a shocking twist ending, from Jacob’s Ladder to The Sixth Sense, and chances are it was… more

Geek This Week: Sundance Versus Underworld

Thu, 19 Jan ’12
Indie Beginning – The Sundance film festival kicks off today in Park City, Utah, flooding the Internet with coverage of movies you probably… more

The Top Five Geeky Christmas Specials

Tue, 20 Dec ’11
Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion – Evil Santa-bots, sword-fighting and the first full episode to feature David Tennant in the role that… more

Sci-Fi Santa Cinema Gives Martians the White Fur-Trimmed Boot

Thu, 15 Dec ’11
It turns out some martians aren’t into Santa Claus. It’s not because he disturbingly isolates himself in the middle of the Arctic Ocean for… more