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Sci Fi

Lightsaber Battle Cauterizes City

Thu, 22 Sep ’11
From the Star Wars kid to Michael Bluth and just about every fencer ever, most of us have wished to participate in live action lightsaber… more

WIN! X-Men Blu-ray or DVD: UPDATED With Extra Prize!

Fri, 9 Sep ’11
We know X-Men: First Class breathed new life into a film franchise and made us believe once again that a man can fly (if he’s wearing metal… more

Paley Panels: See TV’s VIPs

Wed, 31 Aug ’11
Can’t wait for fall premieres to fill up your DVR? Get to the Paley Center for their week long PaleyFest Fall TV Preview Parties … more

When Worlds Collide, You WIN!

Wed, 24 Aug ’11
Don’t be alarmed if you see the Death Star looming over the horizon. Darth Vader is just grabbing a good parking spot for the first ever… more

Soundtrack Symposium Strikes Cult Chord

Wed, 17 Aug ’11
The music composers associated with the 2nd Annual Fans of Film Music Gathering are so amazingly talented they’re putting the usual… more

Dance Like the Very Fabric of the Space-Time Continuum Depends on it

Wed, 17 Aug ’11
The 1 train’s getting fitted with a flux capacitor to transport you back to 1955. On August 20th Dances of Vice will transform Harlem’s… more

Fangirls Face Off with Shirts Off

Fri, 12 Aug ’11
The Death Star vs. the Enterprise. The Max Rebo Band vs. the Klingon opera ‘u’. Jar Jar vs. Captain Kirk’s armpit sweat. The battle between… more

Weekend Trek

Thu, 11 Aug ’11
Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Las Vegas Convention has dropped out of warp and landed in Sin City with GeekChicDaily among… more

WIN! – Get Weird with Cinefamily

Tue, 9 Aug ’11
The Cinefamily is adopting! This month they’ve invited Lars Nilsen from Austin’s famed Alamo Drafthouse to program an especially sick… more

Pre-empting Our Ape Overlords

Fri, 5 Aug ’11
In the original Planet of the Apes films, humanity didn’t stand much of a chance. Gorillas on horseback aside, the whole nuclear war aspect… more