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Sci Fi

A TV Viewing Party at its (Twin) Peak

Tue, 2 Aug ’11
Have you ever had that dream where you’re trapped in a room surrounded by red curtains and a backward-speaking dwarf starts dancing to… more

Cowboys, Aliens and Weird Westerns

Fri, 29 Jul ’11
by Peter Y. LevinIn Cowboys and Aliens, gunslingers of the Old West encounter a threat from beyond reality as we know it. Will they prevail… more

Enter, Prize: WIN Star Trek Vegas Con Tix

Wed, 27 Jul ’11
Vegas. The fanboy frontier. These are the voyages of 25 lucky GCD readers. more

Geek This Week: Anti-Comic-Con

Fri, 22 Jul ’11
#1. Bowl Babe – Comic-Con booth babes got nothing on country music’s queen, Dolly Parton! Stroll over to the Dollywood, we mean, Hollywood… more

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Mon, 18 Jul ’11
We can all agree that The X-Files lost its heart when half of the team was abducted into outer space. But let’s rejoice that two of sci-fi’… more

The Truth Is In Here: WIN! A Dean Haglund Prize Package

Wed, 13 Jul ’11
Just because Mulder and Scully are out of the X-business doesn’t mean every mystery has been solved. Picking up where they left off is Dean… more

Character Transformations in the Dark of the Moon – Sponsored Geekout

Wed, 29 Jun ’11
Every Transformers movie steps it up  from the prior installment and Dark of the Moon is no different, adding 3-D and amping up the… more

Illuminating Green Lantern’s Lesser Lights

Fri, 17 Jun ’11
One of the great things about the Green Lantern comic is all the Lanterns who fill out the panels (did you know there are 3600 members in… more

Sgt. Potter’s Lonely Wizards Club Band

Mon, 13 Jun ’11
You might have lost your nose to a wayward curse, but if you’ve still got ears you should grab the nearest portkey and head straight to the… more

Objets D’arth, Plus: Go Troll Hunting!

Thu, 9 Jun ’11
It’s been said that art often follows the iconography of the age, and what’s more iconic than Star Wars? 100 artists proved they know their… more