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Sci Fi

The Empire Strikes… A Chord @ The Hollywood Bowl

Wed, 1 Jun ’11
Yoda. Obi-Wan Kenobi. John Williams. The Star Wars universe has lots of heroes, but few others can claim as much credit for establishing it… more

Metal Head – Anthony Daniels Is A Golden God

Thu, 26 May ’11
In the Star Wars saga, poor C-3PO invariably found himself somewhere he never wanted to go. In real life, the man behind the metal is… more

Geek This Week – Hurley Returns To The Island

Tue, 24 May ’11
#1. Escaping Alcatraz – Didn’t JJ Abrams already send poor Hurley to an island full of supernatural secrets and time travelers? His new… more

Star Strip Troopers: Win Tix to Helmet Hotties Burlesque

Mon, 9 May ’11
On the water planet Kamino, genetically-bred soldiers put on armor to identify themselves as warrior troopers. In downtown L.A. (which is… more

Thor’s Battle Babe: Meet Jaimie Alexander

Thu, 5 May ’11
Check out our full interview with Jaimie Alexander; she plays Sif, a baddie-bashing babeus maximus, in Thor. Yep. She’s hot. Want her to… more

Viking Vixen

Thu, 5 May ’11
Though Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster provides the first big-time romance for Marvel’s movie version of Thor, aficionados of both the… more

Geek This Week: Jackson’s Hole

Tue, 19 Apr ’11
#1. The Hobbit Production Blog – Peter Jackson has begun filming The Hobbit and is blogging from the set. How far down the hobbit hole will… more

West Coast Wipeout – Battle: Los Angeles

Fri, 11 Mar ’11
By Luke Thompson more

Stupor Men – The Making Of Lazy Teenage Superheroes

Thu, 17 Feb ’11
It was Stan Lee who decided that with great power comes great responsibility, regardless of whether or not it makes said greatly powerful… more

Optimus, Primed

Fri, 11 Feb ’11
Transformers fans take their robots verrrry seriously. When it comes to launching a new iteration of the franchise there are often growing… more