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Sci Fi

Thundercats! HOOOOPE!

Tue, 1 Feb ’11
Sooner or later, everything from the ‘80s comes back. But for the longest time, we weren’t sure the Thundercats would get a second life,… more

Snapshots of the Jedi

Mon, 31 Jan ’11
By Dana Braziel-Solovy more

GeekSeek 1: Geek Getaways

Wed, 19 Jan ’11
The holidays are over and you’re done with vacation. Which means you really want to take another vacation. To help fuel your winter… more


Mon, 10 Jan ’11
GCD: This past weekend, Season of The Witch hit theaters. What should we know about your part in it? Ron Perlman: My character is… more

Doctor Who’s First Christmas Simulcast!

Fri, 24 Dec ’10
Geeks find many ways to honor Christmas night. Some watch Christmas Vacation for the zillionth time. (Why does that movie never get old?)… more

Dude, Where’s My Lightcycle?

Mon, 13 Dec ’10
When the best the digital world could bring was Jar Jar Binks, actors didn’t have to worry much about competition from CG characters. Then… more

Dude, Where’s My Lightcycle?

Mon, 13 Dec ’10
On December 17th, Jeff Bridges returns to the grid in Tron: Legacy as both hero and villain. We pinged Bridges to get his take on the new… more

Potter’s End – Party Against The Darkness

Fri, 19 Nov ’10
The end is near, Potter-ites. GCD got a sneek-peek at Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1, and we can say it’s awesome. Dark,… more

A Plethora of Pandora

Tue, 16 Nov ’10
If you didn’t guess it when the first relatively bonus-free Avatar DVD came out, you know now: there is more. Much more. In fact, aside… more

The Skyline’s No Limit: Epic Films, Indie Prices

Thu, 11 Nov ’10
You’ve heard the rumors: The Brothers Strause made Skyline in a condo with a tiny crew for under a million bucks. That amount of dough… more