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Mon, 23 Jan ’12

Mountin’ Dewback: Win This Sweet Stormtrooper Steed from Sideshow!

Bring home the lizard king of the Star Wars saga.

Where exactly did the Imperial Stormtroopers get their Dewbacks from in Star Wars: Episode IV, anyway? Were they waiting on board the Star Destroyer just in case a desert planet came into play? Or were they rounded up with lightning speed at the nearest oasis? We don’t know, but we do know where you can get yours, absolutely free. Thanks to the folks at Sideshow Collectibles, we’re giving away one of these massive moisture monsters (value = $300), authentically styled based on Lucasfilm archives, and completely in scale with Sideshow’s 12″ Star Wars figures.

No Jedi mind tricks will throw you off-track here. All you have to do is head over to Mos Eisley Sideshow’s contest page to enter your email. Finally, use the force of our Facebook and Twitter pages to gain bonus entries. Just make sure you’re a real person – like the creature cantina, we don’t serve droids.

While you’re there, consider picking up a Sandtrooper or two to patrol alongside your prize and point out that someone was in the escape pod. Or you could be a contrarian – have Boba Fett ride the beast instead! Heck, it works with most 12″ figures of any kind – let Christopher Reeve ride it if his arms get tired from flying. Just don’t get too far ahead of yourself – you have to win the thing first. Just remember that unlike the Sarlacc, you don’t have a thousand years to digest all this – the contest ends Feb 3rd, 2012. Jet over to enter right now.