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Fri, 7 Jun ’13

Siege On! Our Top Ten Favorite Siege Movies

Here are pre-The Purge movies where the baddies want in.

Today sees the release of The Purge, in which once a year for eight hours, all crime is legal. One family holes up in their house, safe from the mayhem, but they don’t stay safe for long. To celebrate that family’s impending nightmare, we’ve chosen to share our ten favorite siege movies.

Assault on Precinct 13
– A gang of murderous thugs targets an isolated police precinct scheduled for closure in this 1976 John Carpenter classic. After taking in the survivor of a brutal attack, the skeleton crew must defend the station and their new guest. The 2005 remake was a much more densely-plotted conspiracy film, but the brutal nature of the assault in the original puts it ahead.

Serenity – The final act of the Joss Whedon-directed follow-up to Firefly featured the greatest million-against-a-few gun battle that turns into a million-on-one fight in any sci-fi movie ever. River Tam (Summer Glau) slices and dices Reavers by the cart-load as they attempt to infiltrate our heroes’ position. Remember how we never saw Reavers in the show? Clearly that isn’t a problem here.

The Mist
 – A grocery store isn’t the most secure place to defend against an onslaught of giant creatures, but one must make do with what’s available. Frank Darabont’s haunting adaptation of the Stephen King novella has a group of townsfolk (including Thomas Jane and Laurie Holden) attempting to not get eaten by transdimensional insects. Luckily, Raid is in aisle 4.

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